Jim Elliott

Bringing a New Voice to Regina

Dear Voters

I want to firstly thank everyone who voted for me this time. It was hard to get my message out with the overwhelming media coverage of Mr. Fougere and the ongoing actions of the civic administration. It was also disturbing to have the business and development community intervene in the election and skew the debate so directly.

2012 Best Citizen Activist (Priarie Dog)
Jim Elliott

Say what you like about Jim Elliott’s bid for the mayoralty, he’s helping to get us to talk seriously about the lack of sustainable infrastructure in this town — things like public transportation, bike lanes, and developing an eco-subdivision. Couple that with his commitment to affordable housing, social justice, saving our schools, and heritage conservation, and you’ve got yourself one engaged citizen! Also, his track record strongly suggests that, when this election is over, he won’t be going anywhere. You can bet that he’ll still be givn’er at city council meetings and standing up for the library. In the words of The Roots “someone has to care.” Did I mention he rides his bike absolutely everywhere? Go Jim! /VS

As to the results of this election. Don’t expect any action on the housing crisis for a few years. They have delayed and postponed any efforts to date and will continue their strangle hold on the system. And they will continue to have the taxpayers subsidize their actions while they make millions of dollars of profit.

We can expect the same on the stadium debate. They will bring out their flashing shiny models and the public will be expected to pay the bills, the overruns and the profits for the corporations that will be building it if that happens. And we can expect the Council even if there is a valid referendum in front of them next month to ignore the public’s wish to have a vote on the issues around public funding of a private football stadium. I can almost guarantee that we are likely not going to see housing built until the stadium is bulldozed and that housing will be for the rich who can afford $300K homes.

The struggle continues. Protection of the environment is on my list along with protecting the marginalized, the poor and those that no one on Council will talk to, not even the Mayor. Join the fight. It will be a long one.


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