Jim Elliott

Bringing a New Voice to Regina

Hello Regina Voters

on December 16, 2011

This is the official site of the Elect Jim Elliott for Mayor of Regina 2012 website.  A new Mayor of Regina will be elected on October 24th, 2012.

Please consider voting for me.  If you have become disillusioned about elections, please consider getting involved and voting this fall.  I will bring a clear change to this city, a change for the better.  I will be different than our past Mayor.

Please read through the various pages and comments made to this website.  If you have questions, please send them in to me.  Please consider donating your money or your time to this important election.  The sooner we get off this road, the better Regina will be.

Jim W. Elliott



7 responses to “Hello Regina Voters

  1. Mr WordPress says:

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  2. guy diewold says:

    Greets, I realy need to know what your position is on city funding of a new stadium. Note : I mean CITY funding, not provincial, federal, or business portions. I’m a property taxpayer and your answer will not only mean a vote, but a mans feet on the ground working on your behalf,regards,Guy.

    • Guy,
      Thanks for the question. My stance on this is that public funds, especially city funds, should never be put into professional sports facilities. This should be funded entirely by the private sector. Now Fiacco is likely going to try to fudge the numbers in that he will say that the only city funds will be the land if built somewhere else. The current proposal says differently. I say leave the location the same, fix the infrastructure as we are doing now, keep the update for the Grey Cup in place permanently including the extra seating. The city should not be putting any funds into the building or upkeep of the facility. I suspect we have always been putting money into the facility but don’t know the numbers. It should be solely the football teams. There may be some sense to pay for the costs of using the space for the high school teams or other amateur sport use as they are even less likely to be able to pay for their time in the stadium. I hope to be able to respond within 48 hours of any request. Have I got your vote and help?

      • guy diewold says:

        Nice, thanks for the response I was looking for. I appreciate your honesty and bravery in adopting a stance more in tune with the majority of critical thinking long term residents as opposed to the “SHEEPLE,” simply nodding and chanting “Yes Sir ! Yes Sir !….3 Bags Full Sir !” as they spend our and our children’s taxmonies on what is, at the end of all rhetoric, merely Entertainment.

        As a Canadian, I have an acquired national debt. As a Saskatchewanian, I have an acquired provincial debt. As a Reginian, somehow….I have acquired a municipal debt that some others want to increase for their own reasons. Not going to happen without a debate.

        The ” Top 40″ style media and business establishments that dominates the local political scene and attempts to import trendy California attitudes really hasn’t critically addressed this issue.Oddly enough however, I believe it might have been two local radio personalities from the WOLF, ( Chad and Ballsy?) who, a few weeks ago actually lampooned the idea of Saskatoon getting an NHL team. Wow! the critical points were raised and their arguements were based on logic, not emotion. I wish others would follow suit and discuss this issue in the same vein.
        The joining together of the “affordable housing” and “inner city development” aspects of the joint proposal with the new stadium needn’t be joined at all! In reality It is not an “all or nothing” situation. Contrary to the New Stadium pundits, if the “earmarked” urban redevelopment plans are appropriate; go ahead and do them. Don’t try to sell the entertainment facility as a necesary pre-condition.One is reminded of a local national Burger chain with its “……with every childrens meal, a dollar will go
        to…..some worthy cause ” marketing scheme.

        In conclusion, yes, you probably have my vote. Mine and my three children, and perhaps my independently minded wifes, regards,Guy.

  3. D. McLean says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Mr Diewold’s comments and it is nice to see a mayoral candidate to clearly state that they are against spending taxpayer’s money (for many years to come) for a stadium that most of us would never step foot in. Mr Elliot will have my vote!

  4. I love my family...more than football says:

    A new stadium is just bad buisness

    Your a smart man who is honest and speaks intelligently and I agree with you. I like football as much as anyone but I will not put my family in the poor house for the luxury of watching it as my family comes first.

    If Pat “Fiasco” wants to build a stadium and bill me for it with out my consent then I should have the right to build a house for my family and invoice him for it as the conditions are the same.

    I like your honesty and I hope people vote with their common sense. The city infrastructure needs attention because we ALL need Regina and not more football as we already have it.

  5. S says:

    I agree with the above comments, the tax payers of Regina should not be funding a stadium. There are many things that are in dire need of dollars that benefit the people and the city. Affordable housing, road repair and many other things that have been neglected much too long. Fiacco has only been interested in his agenda and I believe it was his duty to consult the citizens of Regina when any major expenditures were to be considered. It is sad when the mayor and council members can agree, amongst themselves, to spend millions of dollars without asking the people whom they are taking the money from. The time has come for the people to have a say!

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