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Regina Gyro Club Stadium Questionnaire Responses

on August 27, 2012

1. What research you have done on the project?

My research came at the beginning reading some of the feasibility study done by the Province of Saskatchewan, later the City of Regina Downtown Revitalization Initiative and any other documents coming to Executive Committee and Council over the time of the project.

I also read much of the media coverage as well as face book and other social media comments.  I also attended a forum at the University of Regina put on by an economics class.

As it relates to the housing addition to the Initiative, I have read a few of the various housing projects going to the Regina Planning Commission in assessing the validity and size of the housing being considered for the Mosaic Stadium infill.

2. As proposed, are you “in favor”, “not in favor” or, “undecided” on the project?

My position on the project is that I am not in favor of the new stadium that was the basis for the Memorandum of Understanding between the Province of Saskatchewan, the City of Regina and the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

3. Can you briefly describe how you’ve reached this position?

My first reaction was to disagree with the proposed domed stadium as it was not appropriate in size, economics or need.

When that was smothered with new housing initiatives to broaden the project, I saw that as simply a way to convince the public that this was not just a stadium but an entertainment facility and housing.

The meager addition of 700 units of housing for the current Mosaic Stadium property could easily be replaced or surpassed with a few relatively simple infill housing projects on currently empty lots in downtown Regina.

When that proposal died, the open air stadium was back on the agenda.  If there was going to be large amounts of corporate money to pay for this, then they were going to be holding the purse strings and the city or the residents were not going to be holding the bag.  Up until only a few months ago, we were being assured that corporations would be lining up to put money into the reduced cost stadium.

Then without any consultation with the public in a project that was equivalent to an entire year’s city budget, the MOU was pushed onto the taxpayers of Regina and the Province.

What is also part of my decision is that the new stadium isn’t going to be any bigger than the current one.  The renovations to the current stadium have not been done over the years to replace the problems or upgrade the current stadium.  As well, the citizens of Regina are now going to have to put funds away to maintain and replace the stadium when it is required.

Compound this with the other very immediate and pressing infrastructure and pension shortfalls, the other capital projects and needs of the City of Regina, I could not in all conscience support this proposal and tie up hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money in a project that would see limited benefits to the taxpayers of Regina.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Elliott,

Mayoralty candidate for the City of Regina


2 responses to “Regina Gyro Club Stadium Questionnaire Responses

  1. Shirley says:

    I agree with the position you hold. I am also interested in knowing what is going to be done for the senior`s who are being rooted out of their long term care homes. The homes are apparently are in need of repair therefore the people have to leave. We are shutting down these places and not replacing any. It sounds pretty ridiculous to say those who have been removed are not needing that type of critical care. These people were placed there for a reason and money was taken for their care. What has changed that no longer makes them worthy of this care.Was this just another money grab or are we just not concerned about the people who made this province what it is! I am also interested in your position on rent control. It is unfair that people should have their rent max out their monthly income.

    • Thanks for the comment, Shirley. I am not up on all of this. I had heard recently that there was some problems with long term care homes in Humboldt but I had not heard of that in Regina. This also has the complication that it likely involves the provincial government or the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region. If you could give me some more details about Regina, I would be willing to inquire and get back to you. Everyone needs a home and they should all be maintained so that our quality of life is not jeopardized.

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