Jim Elliott

Bringing a New Voice to Regina

Who is Jim Elliott?

For most of his adult life, Jim Elliott has lived in Regina, more specifically the inner part of this city.  He has been active in his community almost every day of his time here, whether that is flipping hamburgers or helping to clean up his neighbourhood.  He has sat on many non-profit and charitable boards.  In the past, Mr. Elliott has sat on city advisory committees around the topics of bicycles, transit, recreation and the environment.  He has been on the national steering committee for the Canadian Environmental Network and Conservation Chairman for Nature Saskatchewan.  In 2008, Jim Elliott helped present in a workshop on multi-stakeholder decision-making processes at the UN World Urban Forum in Nanjing, China.  Most recently, he has been Site Consultant for the Regina Folk Festival, a festival he has volunteered for 38 years, so far.

Many days and evenings, you will see him either sitting in the council chambers listening to the discussion of city committee agenda items or, regularly, speaking to those same councilors and committees on issues of interest including housing, protection of the environment or how Council can spend our tax dollars more wisely and getting more value for those that many times don’t feel they have a voice in this city.  In fact, during the Design Regina consultations, Jim Elliott brought to the consultants developing the plan the voices of those individuals who come regularly to Carmichael Outreach for programs and services and who are typically not captured in many of the discussion about the future of this city.  In 2015, Jim Elliott was on a city working group advising the city staff when developing the Laneway and Garden Suite zoning guidelines.

More recently, Jim Elliott has been a Disability Services Facilitator helping a disabled gentleman to deal with ongoing problems of service but also being able to get services to enhance his quality of life.  As part of that, Jim Elliott participated in the Provincial Disabilities Strategy meetings held this past year.  As he was told, the disabled can usually get about 70% of what they need.  As facilitator, Jim Elliott helps them, hopefully, the other 30%.

Throughout his life, he has been an advocate for the protection of the planet and working to reduce our footprint on the ground.  Mr. Elliott rides his bicycle 12 months of the year, has virtually eliminated the need for using the city water system and has helped to protect our drinking water sources through a local watershed association.  Jim Elliott had managed a recycling depot so his waste footprint is very small.  The wildlife are welcome in Jim’s backyard and home, whether that is wild or when they are orphaned or injured.


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