Jim Elliott

Bringing a New Voice to Regina

A second set of questions from the Leader Post

1. As mayor, how would you use social media to engage citizens?
a. It could be used to let the citizens know where the mayor is.
b. It could be used to ask questions about pending issues or the level of priority it should have.
c. It could be used to monitor infrastructure problems, inoperable push buttons at intersections and traffic problems.
d. It could promote public events.
e. There could be active chats with councilors and the mayor.

2. How would you improve the incentive structure for construction of affordable housing?
a. Utilize the incentives as a method to pay down payments to allow for the purchase infill housing.
b. Be more flexible about the amount when multi-unit housing are being built.
c. Build the fund that provides incentives so that more action can be taken.

3. How do you plan to improve the city’s transit system? Also, what will you do to improve the snow removal in our city?
a. Begin to shorten the time between bus arrivals, both day and night.
b. Make Sunday schedule the same as the other six days in the week.
c. Double the paratransit service.
d. Increase the individual sidewalk snow removal by encouraging a city wide challenge contest.
e. Consider bringing out the graders sooner in the snow cycle.
f. Enforce the commercial sidewalk and parking lot clearing more vigorously.

4. What have you done or achieved, prior to becoming a mayoral candidate, which has made Regina a better place to live?
a. Worked with others to introduce the discounted transit pass for social assistant recipients in Saskatchewan
b. Worked with others to introduce the Wings Over Wascana Nature Festival
c. Worked on RUEAC to help introduce the aquifer overlay protection plan for commercial properties in the northeast part of the city
d. Worked with others to make the Big Dig better for the environment including protecting the natural upper lake

5. How do you propose that the city deals with the massive infrastructure deficit?
a. Stop expanding the physical footprint of the city
b. Increase infill on empty lots
c. Eliminate in time one use parking lots
d. Develop a plan to eliminate over time the oldest underground infrastructure
e. Make transit a priority for road travel reducing the degradation of our roads


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