Jim Elliott

Bringing a New Voice to Regina

An Eco-Subdivision Project for Regina

“Today, I am announcing an Eco-Subdivision Project for Regina,” said Jim Elliott, mayoralty candidate in this October’s municipal election. “This goal is another plank of my vision for Regina. Others include a plan to eliminate homelessness, active transportation for all and a health & wellness strategy.”

“The demand for food banks has not decreased but in fact has increased over the past 12 years of Mayor Fiacco’s term in office,” states Mr. Elliott. “We have seen no action or leadership in this regard. My plan is different.”

“I identified last night at the Heritage Community Association debates”, Jim continued, “a plan to use the 238 acres of land purchased by the City of Regina from the Saskatchewan Housing Authority to help produce the needed food for Regina and work to solve our food insecurity. Instead of just plunking a thousand homes and more associated infrastructure, I am proposing today that this neighbourhood be designed self-sufficient and indeed produce additional food and energy for the citizens of Regina.”

“We now have the capability, capacity and knowledge to develop an eco-subdivision model for the rest of this city and other prairie communities,” Mr. Elliott adds. “Craik has done this with their small town model. Regina can do this for the larger communities.”

Components of this eco-subdivision could be:

• Total xeriscaping of all properties and the use of native trees, shrubs, grass and flowers
• Collection of all storm water for irrigation of properties and garden plots and other greywater household options
• Solar orientation, energy production and efficiency similar to the Factor 9 home already in Regina
• Composting of all yard, household and organic waste to be used on the food production plots
• Additional electrical generation through the use of photovoltaics and windmills
• Capacity to introduce composting toilets reducing or eliminating the need for sewer lines and tie ins to the current infrastructure
• Carsharing and consolidated housing of vehicles
• Fully integrated bicycle paths, parks, sidewalks and transit options
• Mixed commercial and residential properties to fostering walking to work
• Consolidated school, library and neighbourhood centre facilities


4 responses to “An Eco-Subdivision Project for Regina

  1. Chris says:

    Finally someone who is willing to lead. We have nothing to loose and everything to gain by moving in this bold yet proven design.

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I would encourage you to pass this idea along to your friends and help me achieve this plan.

  3. Visionary idea! How do you envision incorporation the food production?

    • There are cooperative models for the food production, i.e. shares or sweat equity options for the workers. Because the food bank is an effective place to get the workers, they are likely the best at this time to marshal the employees and the shareholders. Besides this, I think we have to stop Council from simply going the root of least resistance and simply sell the land to the developers and build more traditional suburbs on the land. I would take the current model of Morph My City and have the competition to develop and incorporate the parts, find the barriers and help to market this to the people who would wish to live there. We have some of the right people at our University. What you are likely looking at is a resident that is an ecovillage type. Part of this could be a venture capital corporation open to our pension funds to have them invest in this through their pension funds rather than some corporation in Africa or South America. People in the community could also be given the chance to invest or simply bequest or loan the plan the money.

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