Jim Elliott

Bringing a New Voice to Regina

Answers to RPIRG Questionnaire

RPIRG (Regina Public Interest Research Group) www.rpirg.org

1. Bike lanes- if elected, what will you do to promote more bike lanes in the city? Will you support removing parking and/or driving lanes for cars in order to do have more bike lanes? Will you support bike safety education for bikers, drivers, and/or pedestrians?
Yes and yes. Bike lanes are the most cost effective way to reduce congestion, increase safety for cyclists and build an active transportation strategy for the City of Regina. Education and enforcement will have to be a component of encouraging more cycling in Regina. As outlined later, I would also be encouraging transit use and walking.

2. Public transit- if elected, what will you do to promote sustainable transportation in the form of public transit? Will you work for more bus routes, lanes, and education promoting the benefits of the bus system?
I have been advocating a doubling of paratransit service and an expanded transit service in this city. Whether that means more bus routes, increased frequency or changing the system from fixed loop to a hub and spoke route will need to be decided. I am personally committed to use the bus regularly while in the Mayor’s position and eliminate personal vehicle use.

3. Community gardens- if elected, what will you do to support more public spaces for gardening? Food sovereignty is an extremely important issue, so what will you do to enable more residents in our city to grow their own food?
We currently have a policy to put more gardens into public space. I would also be encouraging more home gardens as well as cooperative gardening, market gardens and local production. I would hope that we could also expand the street market downtown to more days per week, more types of products and all year long. I would work with our local restaurants and grocery stores and encourage them to buy more locally to bolster the local economy.

4. Affordable housing- if elected, what will you do to ensure that all residents of Regina have an affordable and adequate place to live?
Homes for all and homes first is my approach to housing our citizens. We need to prioritize building more rental units in this city as well as on campus. I would set up a Housing Commission to implement this strategy to eliminate homelessness. This would hope to reduce rent fees but would be advocating for some measure of rent regulation.

5. Composting, Recycling, and Waste Management- if elected, what will you do to decrease the waste of our city? Will you support the improvement of the proposed recycling program now, perhaps to make recycling free and garbage carry a fee? Will you ensure that the composting program is instated? What will you do about the current location of the city landfill and the problems it poses for our aquifers?
I would put recycling as a part of municipal taxes and would introduce a pay for service fee on garbage production, a reverse of what is now being proposed. This would provide an incentive to reduce garbage production and encourage recycling. Composting would be done separately either as a regular service like the others or seasonally, perhaps spring and fall. People should also have an opportunity to drop off their compostables off season. The best we can do for the current landfill is eliminate its need by diverting 100% of our waste away from it and closing it down. The current landfill will still have to be monitored on an ongoing basis to protect the aquifer.


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