Jim Elliott

Bringing a New Voice to Regina

Answers to the Prairie Dog Questions

1. Briefly, why are you running for mayor?

Financially, environmentally and socially, I see the city going in an unsustainable direction and saw a need to inject myself in the directing of this city. I have tried to give advice, but have seen little change. So why not be the one in charge instead of just providing advice. With my knowledge, experience and passion, I know that I could make the necessary changes if elected Mayor.

2. What is the single most pressing issue facing Regina? How would you solve it?

The biggest issue is housing. Without it, we cannot move forward and deal with many other problems. I would take action by setting up the Regina Housing Commission and have them lead the changes explained in the Task Force Report on Housing given to the city in 2000. Personally, I would make it part of my work plan for 2013 and tackle the biggest problem, the lack of available rental units in Regina.

3. Beyond immediate concerns like housing, the stadium and infrastructure renewal, what “big idea” project do you want to work on that nobody seems to be talking about?

I want to make transit, paratransit and other active modes of transportation the easiest choice for residents of this city. This includes doubling paratransit and expanding transit service. It means more bike lanes and clearing more sidewalks in the winter. In a broad way, I want this city to accept the challenge of being more physically active every day to combat the growing problem of obesity.

4. Name something the last council got right.

The introduction of the discounted transit and paratransit pass was one. This allowed financially strapped individuals and families a basic right of mobility in our city and the same ability as other to be active in their community.

5. Now, point out their biggest mistake.

Recently, the introduction of the financial penalty when they introduced the recycling program was the worst. This will discourage residents to move in the positive direction of recycling and keep people producing garbage, a financial burden of taxpayers.


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