Jim Elliott

Bringing a New Voice to Regina

Answers to the Regina & District Chamber of Commerce Questions

What would you do to keep Regina growing?

I would reinforce our partnerships with the University and SIAST, our First Nations and our neighbourhoods so that we are always looking forward with hope, enthusiasm and energy.  I would reinvest in our neighbourhoods and help everyone be the best that they can be, here and across the globe.

What priorities would you bring forward as a member of Regina City Council if elected?

I would bring a new voice.  My priorities are families and neighbourhoods first, economic and ecological sustainability and no one left behind.  I would marshal resources to deal with our housing crisis.  I would invest in our active transportation options.  I would reopen the dialogue between council and the people.

What is Regina’s biggest opportunity?

The introduction of best practices in resource sustainability, environmental management and quality of life built for its residents on our inherent advantages is our biggest opportunity.

With this collective expertise, we could be showcasing our skills and leading the world in taking the sustainable path to the future.

Do you support the Regina Revitalization Initiative?

I support prudent reinvestment in Mosaic Stadium building on previous investments by the city and the Roughriders.  I support the immediate building of rental property all over the entire city.  Resilience in this city is important so that we can react effectively and adequately to our needs in the future.


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