Jim Elliott

Bringing a New Voice to Regina

Do we need to keep Regina growing?

Today, the Chamber of Commerce breakfast and debate (the candidates were not given breakfast) were asking what we would do to keep Regina growing. My response was fairly straight forward. If you do not have a plan, do not have a goal and a future in mind, then growth is meaningless and could be problematic.

Growth without controls is the same as cancer. It kills the host. My sense of why there is such a push for growth is simply that there is money needed to sustain our current lifestyle and consumerism and if we were to back down to sustainable levels or at least not continue to grow, the economy of Regina and likely much of North America would collapse into ruin and chaos.

Growth in knowledge and a greater engagement of the public in their lives is a good thing. We would have corporate knowledge in more than one person making things run more smoothly.

We have had a growth in the use of food banks, the number of homeless and the gap between the rich and the poor. But I don’t think that is what the Chamber of Commerce was suggesting. Something that also came through a film that I have seen recently is that if the rest of the world used petroleum the same way we do, the known oil reserves of the planet would be exhausted in 44 years. Would the Chamber of Commerce be asking for growth when that started to cause the price of oil and automobile fuels to rise drastically or would they be happy to just maintain what we have?

My campaign has always been to put a physical footprint limit to this city and not to grow past where we are now and that a referendum would be required to go beyond today. We have lots of space in the city and building up would also allow for more people to have homes, more critical mass for grocery stores, public transportation systems and schools. If we were to build from the bottom up instead of the trickle down economics used today, we would be a much better city than today. Just Imagine.


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