Jim Elliott

Bringing a New Voice to Regina

Getting Involved

There are many tasks to getting this journey started.  A beginning list is stated below.  Anywhere you wish to help, let us know.

  1. Putting up a Lawn Sign – As it implies, this would be putting up a sign on your lawn, talking to your neighbours or putting up other signs.
    2. Canvassing – You can help in dropping off flyers and talking to residents in your area.
    3. Being a Ward Captain – This would involve either finding or managing a number of volunteers in a Ward.
    4. Being part of the Planning Committee – This would involve meeting monthly in 2012 and responding to campaign issues and helping to develop the platform.
    5. Donating Funds – All of these items need money to do, whether printing costs, signs, advertising, etc.
    6. Fundraising – This could include talking to your neighbours and friends, but it could mean organizing fundraising events.
    7. Voting – Although this doesn’t take a lot of time, it is as important as any of the rest as the votes are the measure of our efforts.  This could also include helping others get to the poll.


send an email to jimelliottformayor@gmail.com


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