Jim Elliott

Bringing a New Voice to Regina

Imagine Regina

Imagine Regina in the future,

Is it more of what we have now or is it………

 1. A city without poverty.

2. A city that you can walk around all year long, not just in summer and not just some places.

3. A city that has bike lanes on streets all across the city supporting the use of bicycles, not automobiles.

4. A city that has targets to constantly reduce the use of water and energy through programs like energy conservation and xeriscaping.

5. A city where children are valued and supported throughout the city through strong affordable programming in sports, recreation, culture and education.

6. A city that is pesticide free and uses alternatives to manage their trees, shrubs and yards.

7. A city that has as its principal mode of transportation, the public transit bus, and has programs like the discount bus pass to allow everyone to have access to it.

8. A city where citizens are, in some major part, the decision-makers, not just their elected representatives, the civic administration or the business community.

9. A city where literacy and the support for a strong library system are a priority in what we do for all of our citizens.

10. A city where everyone has affordable and appropriate housing and through it a stable neighbourhood.

11. A city where nature is seen as a benefit and a needed part of our urban landscape.

12. A city where people have food security and healthy food is grown here or very close reducing transportation costs.

13. A city where people can walk around the city feeling safe.

14. A city where people with disabilities have very few barriers to being full engaged citizens in their city.

15. A city where everyone is active and getting exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

16. A city where pollution is found somewhere else.

17. A city where waste is not generated but is a resource for others.

18. A city where people are meaningfully employed in valued work and paid equitably.

19. A city where there is no more urban sprawl and development is happening within the city not in more suburbs and big box outlets on the outskirts of the city.

20. A city that values and celebrates the culture and diversity of all of its citizens.

21. A city with a built-in process of community engagement and collaboration.

22. A city where all races and cultures and valued and learned from, especially the First Nations and Métis, the first citizens.

23. A city linked to the rest of Canada by convenient, affordable passenger rail.

24. A city in Canada and the world where people come to see how we do all of this.

‘For every hundreds of people hacking away at the branches of injustice, there is only one or two digging for the roots’…


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