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Mayor and Council Lost Mandate on Stadium

REGINA—“This Mayor and Council have lost the mandate to proceed with the stadium proposal,” said Jim Elliott, candidate for Mayor of Regina in the upcoming fall municipal election.  “It is, in my mind, a waste of taxpayer’s money ($238 Million dollars) to proceed from an open-air stadium of 29,000 to another open-air stadium of 33,000 adding only 4,000 more seats to the size of the stadium.”

“This current proposal is so significantly different from the past proposal that this Council needs to go back to the public for a mandate to continue,” continues Mr. Elliott.  “If it ever gave them permission, the citizens of Regina never gave the city the mandate to pay for the stadium solely with public funds.  This Council has always said that the private sector would pay for this.  The private funding, if it ever existed, has mysteriously vanished.”

“If I was asking the province for funding of this magnitude,” adds Mr. Elliott.  “I would be asking for spending on social or affordable housing.”  The marginal addition of 700 housing units is but a drop in the bucket and it will do nothing for the thousands of people who are now considered homeless in this city.  The private sector would get all of the profitable housing projects and leave the ongoing costs of the stadium to be paid for by the people.  Further, the housing industry will be building market-priced housing, not helping those most in need.


6 responses to “Mayor and Council Lost Mandate on Stadium

  1. If we were to spend the $288 Million on housing, that would amount to 1152 housing units for the City of Regina, not just the stadium and later the 700 units in North Central.

  2. Dawn Thomas says:

    Can I get your assistance circulating this petition to force a vote on the Regina stadium: http://www.triquetrahhf.ca/downloads/Regina_Stadium_Petition.pdf

  3. It is now on my website. I will put a link on my facebook as well.

  4. Jim Elliott says:

    The recent announcement on Saturday shows the outgoing Mayor and Council’s priorities as it relates to fully funding our civic employee’s pensions ($238 Million deficit), building affordable housing for current and future Regina residents (0.6% rental vacancy rate) and repairing the city’s infrastructure ($1.3 billion deficit). All will be underfunded or left to fend for themselves. Over $600 million will not be spent on what this city needs more than a new stadium; a stadium that we were promised by the Mayor would be entirely funded by corporate donations. There are higher priorities than an extra three thousand football stadium seats.

  5. Jim Elliott says:

    Letter sent to Leader Post – July 20, 2012

    John Gormley has characterized the opposition to the Stadium proposal incorrectly. This is more a fundamental splitting of beliefs and values. This is about “spectacle politics”, trickle-down economics and elitism versus egalitarian decision-making, honest public engagement and collective, cooperative economics.
    Everything that Fiacco does must have a spectacle or splash to it. How many times does Fiacco walk down the street and talk to the public he represents? How many press conferences has Fiacco horned in on it when it isn’t his role? Premier Wall does this as well. I have heard many times that Fiacco will walk away from people who have a real beef with our civic politicians.
    This council believes that if you give enough tax breaks and money to the rich, then enough will trickle down to the rest of us, including myself, that the problems will be solved. The elite are the natural ruling class and it is appropriate that they make the decisions for the rest of us.
    Egalitarian decision-making says that everyone is, in principle, equal and should enjoy equal social, political and economic rights and opportunities.
    Honest public engagement on a project larger than the entire city budget means you actively get into a room and discuss and debate the merits of the project with the citizens of this city. If the politicians are scared to have an honest discussion, then their beliefs, I would say, are suspect and should be questioned.
    Cooperative economics means that if you have two choices, the best choice is the one that has the greatest benefit for the greatest number of individuals. Eliminating homelessness has as much to do with civic pride as it does to the individuals that are saved by having a roof over their head. Just think if Regina was the first city in North America to do this.

  6. Sue says:

    If the city continues along the present path for the new stadium, then I suggest the Riders will have to change their name to the “Regina Rough Riders”! It would seem that it is no longer a team within our province. Just saying….

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