Jim Elliott

Bringing a New Voice to Regina

Need for a Good Recycling Program

This was sent to the Leader Post as a letter to the editor.

Firstly, I would like to thank Councillor Clipsham for his attempt to place the real problems and costs of garbage creation on the Council’s June 25th agenda and for the other councillors who voted with him.  I am also thankful to know that Councillors Fougere, Brown, Hutchinson, Bryce and Hincks wish to discourage recycling by having homeowners charged to recycle their waste.  Because of their decision, it now will be less costly to simply put everything in the garbage and expand the landfill rather than making it better, easier and less costly if we were to recycle 100 % of our household waste.  We have a generation of youth and young adults wanting to recycle and yet they will be discouraged financially because it will cost them more money.

Councillor Fougere, a candidate for Mayor in this fall’s election, thinks Regina residents need to be educated and “will begin to recycle more once they understand how the program works”.  He clearly doesn’t understand that Reginans have been recycling for 22 years since the introduction of the Big Blue Box.  I ran a recycling centre for 5 years called the Big Blue Box back in the early 1990’s and we took almost everything including plastics and running a free store.  With the introduced recycling fee, residents will be penalized for doing good.  Does that seem right?

If we have the opportunity to switch from producing garbage to recycling almost everything through a simple change in the system, then why shouldn’t we?  The producer of garbage should pay, not the other way around.

Why confuse the public by putting a cost on doing recycling or working for the common good instead of putting a fee on producing waste that goes into an ever growing and costly landfill?


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