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Bringing a New Voice to Regina

Vision for Regina

 Opening Remarks and Vision for Regina

I listened to some remarks of Tom Jackson at a United Way luncheon.  He said, a thirsty man in the desert will grasp at any source of water that is given to him.  It could be salt water or it could be fresh water.  They will grasp at anything that might save them.  We have an opportunity to follow through with what our heart tells us.  Our responsibility is to leave future generations with a pure glass of water, to make sure that the glass we are handing on to future generations is the glass of trust, the glass of hope that glass of fresh water.  It is this glass that contains the gift we were born with.  I wish to make Regina that glass of caring, that glass of hope, that glass of trust.  That is the glass that I am dedicated to hand over to the next generation if I am elected to be your Mayor.

Vision for Regina

I want Regina to be a caring community where everyone has appropriate and affordable housing, food and economic security, meaningful employment and who do not burden future generations.  They are self-reliant, resilient and are willing and able to help and work with others freely.  I want this city to be a sustainable community that thrives in nature and doesn’t burden the environment.

Regina needs to be an intentional community, not just floating on the currents of today.  We would have people who are the paddlers that would pull us in the direction we want to go.  We would have spotters who are looking forward to know what direction we want to go and look out for problems ahead.  We would have helpers in the community making sure that leaks or problems are resolved and fixed.  This would all be done for the passengers, the citizens of Regina, so that they can be the next generation that will carry this city into the future.

Let’s be intentional in what we wish for this city and its residents, not just float along.

We could put an end to homelessness in this city if we put our minds to it.

We could reduce our dependence on outside resources and be more self-reliant.

We could build into our socio-economic system more resilience so that we are not impacted by world markets or strife on the global stage.

Or we could be complacent and float along on that thin ice that could collapse at any time.

Or we could be reacting to the impacts of climate change for the rest of our lives.

Or we could continue to have business make our decisions for us taking us where they want to go.

Or we could continue to have violence on the street and lock up the victims of the system.

Or we could continue to give the rich more money and hope that it trickles down to the rest of us.

I am not alone in saying that this current system isn’t working for the betterment of most of us.  I want you and I to join forces and start to work intentionally towards a better city, a better community, a caring community, a resilient community, a hopeful community.  With your help, we can begin to put the paddles in the water and steer this community away from the rapids, away from the turbulent waters of today and go to a place that is more peaceful, more predictable, and more life-affirming.

There is an incredible strength and power in the people of this city that has not been tapped into to deal with the multitude of problems facing us today.  We are in many cases just treading water.  Just ask yourself, are things any better today than they were ten years ago?  We could be tapping into that energy.  That strength and power is our glass of hope, our glass of trust, our glass of caring.

Let’s start down that path together, today.  Join us.

–         Jim W. Elliott


2 responses to “Vision for Regina

  1. Donald Mclean says:

    I am a home owner and a retiree on a fixed income. There are and will be many more retirees in my position, in the coming years. The very last thing that most of us need is to be paying higher taxes for a stadium that many of us will never use. Like many Regina taxpayers, I am not a football fan and resent that my tax dollars are being spent even studying the issue of building a new facility.
    This city is in dire need of infrastructure upgrades and we need to focus on putting money where it will benefit the whole city, not just football fans! That dangerous ring road needs upgrades to the very primitive on ramps at Dewdney and McDonald St as well as an interchange at the very busy intersection of Lewvan and 9th ave. N. We need a bybass built around the south east section of the city. There is so many other infrastructure issues that need to be addressed, it is ridiculous to even be talking about spending a vast sum on a limited use facility.
    What is your position on the proposed stadium?

    • The types of infrastructure upgrades that you have identified have been known for a number of years, yet neither this Council or this provincial government have seen fit to make a commitment to do as you have suggested. If elected, I would be in a position to push for this needed southeast bypass as I know with the global transportation hub, more truck & trailer traffic is going to happen putting our current routes in jeopardy of being pushed past their limit. I would commit to pushing the provincial government to speed up the introduction of the southeast bypass and looking at ways to reduce through traffic on our ring road. I would understand where the upgrading of the ring road is in the city’s budget schedule and see whether it can be sped up as well.

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