Jim Elliott

Bringing a New Voice to Regina

Who is Jim Elliott?

Jim Elliott has lived on the prairies all his life.  Almost all of his adult life, Jim has lived in Regina, first for university training, and then as an employee and as a resident.  Jim doesn’t see a need to leave.  We have a great city, a little worse for wear today, but a great city none the less.  This is why Jim wants to be your Mayor.

We are going down a path that is unsustainable and not including everyone.  No one should or needs to be left behind.

We need to get back on the path of sustainability and working for the people of this city.  We don’t have the sufficient capacity to respond effectively to shocks to the system that will come.  We need to grow smarter.

So what does Jim bring to the position?  He has been an adviser to the city on committees for at least 13 years.  He has brought new ideas and advise to the city through presentations and experience.  Recently, he has been at the world stage seeing what other cities could bring to our city.  His experience working at the community level informs him about how to talk to the resident and know how to listen.


  • Bachelor of Science – University of Regina
  • Certificate in Community Development – University of Regina


  • Environmental Education Consultant – Schools, Provincial Government & various organizations
  • Network Facilitator – REALM Foundation
  • Member of various City Advisory Committees for 13 years
  • Member of the Government of Saskatchewan Municipal Environmental Code Content Committee for 2 years
  • Secretary for WUQWATR, a watershed association that includes Regina, for 3 years
  • Facilitator for Multi-Stakeholder Decision Making at the UN World Urban Forum in Nanjing China in 2008
  • Member of the Environmental Roundtable at the UN World Urban Forum in Vancouver in 2006
  • Volunteer & Site Coordinator/Consultant for the Regina Folk Festival for the past 34 years
  • Chair of the National Health Caucus of the Canadian Environmental Network for the past 2 years
  • Member of the National Council of the Canadian Environmental Network for 4 years
  • Chairperson of the Regina Chapter of the Council of Canadians for 4 years
  • Past Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson for the Al Ritchie Community Association
  • Past Treasurer of the Central Zone Recreation Board for 14 years

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